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How much time are YOU putting in?
10,000 Hours is a Peoples Improv Theatre (PIT) supported program created by PIT house team member, Julia Morales (www.callmejules.com).  It is designed for improv students of all levels interested in organized and budget-friendly practice groups. This program is an amazing opportunity to meet new friends, form indie teams, and to become more familiar with faces around the improv community.

The practice sessions are inexpensive because experienced coaches from all over the New York area donate their time to coach. Each practice session allows students more time to work on the skills that they are learning in their classes as well as challenge themselves by working with students of different skill levels. 10,000 Hours practice sessions are NOT classes. For information about improv classes within the New York area, please contact 10,000 Hours at improv10000hrs@gmail.com.

All 10,000 Hours practice sessions are held at Simple Studios (134 W 29th St between 6th and 7th, 2nd Floor). If you are interested in signing up for a practice session, please send an email to improv10000hrs@gmail.com and someone will respond to your request.
What Is This Program About?
Thank You...
The PIT, Kevin Laibson (PIT Artistic Director),  Ali Farahnakian (PIT & Simple Studios owner), Simple Studios, Tori Piersanti (Simple Studios General Manager), Erick Hellwig (Former Simple Studios General Manager) and Jeff Lepine, Keith Huang and Toby Knops (former PIT Artistic Directors), Former Facebook Admins: Christine Pynn, Destiny Rivera, Justin Perez, Former 10K Jam Jam Hosts: Sasha Capelli, Eitan Levine, Shaina Stigler, Current and Former 10K Show Techs: Chris Caron, Anna Carey, Kerstin Porter, Anthony Velez, Maritza Montanez, Tyler Monier-Williams, Dana Krashin, Chris O'Neil, Michelle Thomas, Kelly Rockwell, Current and Former Monitors: Shenovia Large, Jon Blue, Liana Afuni, Henry Cruz, Jodi Jett, Nikki Plyem, Christine Piniero, Steve Ling, Amelia Bienstock, Matt Proctor, Olivia Wardwell, Hayley Raphael, Rachel Goodman, Ralf Jean-Pierre, James Smith III, Martha Cipolla, Ronny Pascale, to Gabe Capone (Ladies & Gentleman, Angel Bacon) and his wife Kate Capone for creating an amazing 10,000 Hours logo and donating several t-shirts to the program and of course to our awesome Coaches, listed on the Coaches page. This program couldn't exist without all of your help and time.  

And to everyone who has been a cheerleader for the 10,000 Hours program. Your enthusiasm and help has made this program what it is today. Thank you to all of you for your love and support.
Welcome to 10,000 Hours

​Have you found yourself standing on the back-line or in the middle of the stage, frozen stiff and trapped in your head? Then you are relying too much on your intellectual impulses to guide you. Luckily, the last thing a clown does is use it's intellect. 

Improvise through the eyes of a clown. Your body and mind send you an endless stream of impulses. The clown understands how to be vulnerable and act instinctively upon those momentary shifts. In this course, you will learn to say yes to everything without exception. Through clown-work you begin to improvise with your physical and emotional body, discovering your world in the moment and uncovering what is uniquely funny about you. By listening to the audience, the clown abandons all of its pre-conceived ideas in order to follow it's true instinctual drive: To Play!

Clown for the Improviser
May 2nd and 3rd
1-6pm (both days)

The class is designed for improvisers of any level who are looking to free up their bodies and minds to play, or anyone who is looking to experiment with clown and physical comedy for the first time.